Virtual Telehealth Games

How to Engage Children in Telehealth

During the pandemic, many children and parents are opting for telehealth instead of in person therapy sessions.

So how do you engage children in telehealth? In person sessions can often be a challenge for Therapists with children who struggle to sit still, focus or pay attention, and telehealth may present with similar issues.

Children love story apps and playing on tablets and Ipads, so we developed, The Dirty Cloud Maker book and interactive story app for children and teens to work through anger and self esteem issues, combining psychotherapy and technology.

Due to the recent influx in telehealth at this time, we also created a virtual version of The Dirty Cloud Maker for Therapists to use specifically for telehealth, helping to guide them through therapy sessions that address fear, anxiety, decision making and gratitude in our virtual game, The Dirty Cloud Maker Card Game providing Therapists with two versions of the game.

Telehealth can be very effective and focused depending on how you manage it, but adding in technology inspires children to focus on the therapeutic theme of the session in a way they enjoy and provides the Therapists with insight into how they are feeling, what they are thinking and redirecting negative thinking patterns to thoughts of gratitude.

Check out our latest virtual version of Dirty Clouds Card Game, available at and on Amazon.