Play Therapy

Interactive Therapy Tools

We have created a variety of therapy games for kids and teens that allow them to open up and talk about not only personal issues or problems, but also disturbing world events that also effect them and might lead to anxiety, depression, or fear.

Through therapy games, kids are able to safely talk about their concerns, whether they are personal, family, or world events that they see on the news or in their local communities. With play, counselors, social workers, parents, and teachers can help kids address those problems and help them feel better.

Now more than ever, kids need help. Most kids and teens will not openly come to parents or other adults to share their concerns, and when asked, will say they are ok. We created therapy games to address underlying fears, anxiety, depression, and other issues that kids face on a daily basis.

Check out our latest games.

Therapy Cubes, Magic Therapy Cubes, Dirty Cloud Maker Card and Book Set and our latest for teens and adults, Life Reflection Cards and Guide Book, to help adults work through and talk about personal and professional life goals, challenges and other counseling related topics.