Life Warrior


Embark on one of the most rewarding and challenging adventures that you have ever taken.



Life Warrior: The Everyday Summit is a personal and symbolic journey we travel daily in the areas of self-worth, relationships, career and addictions.

Each day we face numerous choices to change.  Sometimes we continue to climb toward our predetermined goals, and other days we struggle, falling backward or even back down the mountain to home base where we have to begin again.

In this motivational self-help book, you will be guided up the mountain to your personal summit which includes self-reflection questions and checklists for change to help you identify the areas in your life that you are struggling to succeed or improve.

Make the journey through life transitions and manage everyday challenges as you seek spiritual direction in your climb to your personal summit, achieve empowerment, and never look back as you make powerful life changes.

Are you ready to change your life?

The Warrior Series:  This is the first in a series of warrior books including the Professional Warrior: The Everyday Summit and Fitness Warrior.


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