Therapy can sometimes be challenging with difficult clients or with those who do not want to participate in the therapy process. Often older children and adolescents are forced into counseling and are reluctant to talk.

Because of my own personal experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor working with children and adolescents, and having tried everything to get some resistant teens to talk, we developed and created Therapy Cubes, a fun game that allows kids to enjoy the therapy process in a way that they feel they can talk freely and dictate the direction of the session.

No matter how many years of experience a Therapist or Psychologist has, there are some kids or teens that just prove difficult. Therapy Cubes is an ice breaking game that allows them to open up and talk about issues that they are facing at home, in school or with their peers.

Therapy Cubes Expansion Game allows kids to talk about personal strengths they use to problem solve and to build self-esteem.

Everyone has a story; Therapy Cubes allows each client to tell their own story in a non-direct way. We also created detailed instructions available on our website in 6 different languages.