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Anxiety Affects Everyone

Anxiety is a stressful emotion that affects kids, teens and adults. There are many triggers or core issues of anxiety. Sometimes we are aware of the triggers and sometimes we don’t know the source.

Anxiety does not discriminate as it affects people of all ages. It also disrupts our daily lives in the areas of school, home, or in social situations. Anxiety can also range from mild to extreme and in some cases panic attacks. Many people are able to effectively cope with anxiety on a mild or moderate level, but there are many others who struggle on a daily basis in which anxiety cripples their ability to function or to have a healthy and happy life.

It’s not uncommon for people to not know how to manage anxiety symptoms, causing them to use maladaptive coping skills that are unhealthy, which further intensifies the problem.

Having worked with kids, teens and adults for over a decade, I realized there was a huge need to help clients identify all the sources of their anxiety and to help them find and discover new coping skills, so we created Anxiety Cubes, a talk therapy game that can be used with kids, teens, and adults in a serious or fun individual, group or classroom setting.

Anxiety Cubes, our new therapy game, helps clients, patients and students identify the triggers of their anxiety as well as finding coping skills to alleviate symptoms so that they can have a productive and happy life.

Anxiety Cubes is a direct, fun and efficient way to identify sources of anxiety compared to lengthy sessions that may take weeks or an extended time to address and explore.

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