Talk Therapy

Therapy Games for the Classroom

For teachers and counselors who work with children on a daily basis, you know that talking is not always the most effective way gathering information or to problem solve. Often times, children and teens lack the vocabulary and ability to fully communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Because of my extensive years and experience working with children and teens in counseling as well as in the school setting, I knew I had to create therapeutic games to help kids and teens open up and communicate their thoughts and feelings in a non-direct and fun way.

Our therapy games, help kids and teens learn how to take turns, communicate their thoughts and feelings, and follow directives and can be used in both the counselor’s office as well as in the classroom.

Magic Therapy Cubes helps kids and teens talk about real issues through a magical fantasy game.

The Magic Seekers helps kids and teens problem solve issues through role play.

Therapy Cubes allows kids and teens to talk about social, relationship, family and academic issues through the roll of several dice.

Dirty Cloud Maker Card Game introduces the topic of gratitude at an early age.

Laughter Therapy Cubes helps kids relieve stress through laughter, learn new coping skills and identify problems and issues. Can be used individually or in a group or classroom setting.