Therapy Cubes


Therapy Cubes™, an award-winning, therapeutic, fun, interactive game of personal storytelling.

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Hatch Award Second Place Winner!

Therapy Cubes®, a fun game of personal storytelling that identifies emotions and issues such as bullying, peer pressure, self-esteem, family dynamics, academics and drugs and alcohol, in locations such as home, school and other areas of life.

Created and developed by a licensed professional counselor.

The game includes one each of die:

  • Time-line
  • Location
  • Emotion
  • Issue

Specific detailed instructions are available for Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, Parents or for anyone who works with children. Can also assist older adults or those in memory care with personal stories or memories.

Detailed Instructions | Watch a short demonstration of the game

Alternate Instructions for Issues Die (8-sided) – PDF


说明 (治疗立方)
Instructions (français)
Anleitungen (Therapie-Würfel)
Cov Lus Tsom Qhia (Qhov Kev Daws Teeb Meem Siv Txiv Thauj Tee Rau Fab)
プレイの仕方 (セラピーキューブ)
Instrucciones (Cubos Terapéuticos)

Therapy Cubes will be in stock in August 2022!


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